About Us

Leadership Worthington is a nonprofit 501c3 organization with programs offered to those who live or work in the Worthington School District. Established in 1989, Leadership Worthington is the result of collaborative efforts by:

  • the City of Worthington
  • Worthington Public Schools
  • Worthington Educational Foundation
  • Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce
  • and individuals in the community

L.W. is in its 2nd decade as a premier leadership development organization for those who live or work in the Worthington School District. It is a program which enhances the understanding of leadership qualities and the development of individual and group leadership potential in order to create a better Worthington area and community.

Listen to what our alumni say about the program:  Andy Tilton, Tom Ellis

Forethought on the part of dedicated citizens in the early 1990’s helped to create and develop a leadership program for the Worthington area.

Benefits for participants are designed to be:

Increased leadership skills, advancing leadership goals within the community, workplace, schools, and in churches
A greater knowledge of the Worthington area, its organizations and its current leaders, along with a network of colleagues to help benefit both the community and the individual

Benefits for the community are designed to be:

An increasing group of committed community and workplace leaders. When individual leadership skills are developed, there is a pool that can be tapped for representatives among business, government, school and civic organizations.


Leadership Worthington Board of Directors