Letter from the President

A New Year brings with it, new opportunities, and there are no shortages of new things happening with Leadership Worthington. This, as you are undoubtedly aware, has not always been the case; it certainly hasn’t been the past six months. I suspect, that’s about to change.


We are setting goals, and we are establishing a plan, for the future.  Through a sponsorship from Telhio, the board is working with a local strategic consultant to help gather information about the strengths and weaknesses of Leadership Worthington. Our consultant has been interviewing an eclectic group of individuals since early December, with the intent to bring their findings to the board in January through a facilitated planning meeting. This will allow the board to be well positioned to set goals and create a roadmap for the future of the organization in February. Approximately 25-30 different individuals will have been directly involved with this process, as well as more than a dozen more, through informal meetings that I have had during the past six months.


As we create this pathway, it’s important that we keep these goals and this roadmap in front of you. You are our customer. How are you to know, let alone remember what the board is trying to accomplish, or why we are taking the time and making effort to set a plan and see it through? There are numerous ways to do this – social media, this newsletter, regular conversations between board leadership and you; however, all involve a need for Leadership Worthington to communicate more, and in multiple ways. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard, “what is Leadership Worthington doing about [fill in the blank],” I’d have… well… a lot of dollars. As an organization, we must communicate key messages more frequently, so that you know that we have started a youth mentorship program, that we’ve indefinitely shelved adult classes because they are too expensive to be offered properly, and that our annual Spelling Bee, Service Day and Leadership for a Lifetime events are each just around the corner. But, what should be considered “key messages?” This, ladies and gentlemen, depends on what you want to know, and to that end, we need to talk less and listen more, to you.


Feedback let’s Leadership Worthington better understand what we can do now and in the future to meet your needs, and the needs of our community. The past is just that, the past. We can learn some very valuable lessons from it, and make decisions based on experience, but we can’t change it. Instead, let’s be a model, with the understanding that our community is watching us and that we have an important role to play in shaping it and making it better. Which brings me back to the first item in bold letters, at the beginning of my note: goal setting and planning. It’s from this exercise that we will undergo during our January and February meetings, that I hope we can determine what that role is.