Adult Class Projects

Class of 2015

Planting the Seeds

This community grid garden is a sustainable project maintained by the Green Team and K Kids at Slate Hill Elementary.  They will donate what they grow to the Worthington Food & Resource Pantry, Salvation Army Food Pantry, and Worthington Christian Church.  It will also be used as an outdoor classroom where they can connect to the curriculum within many of their subjects.  With the help of the Worthington Linworth Kiwanis Club, the school district and Worthington Christian Church, the garden if off to a great start!

  • -Trevor Donaldson
  • -Jennifer Fralic
  • -Joe Herban
  • -Michelle Hockman
  • -Kim Janosik
  • -Lori Martinello
  • -Nila Whitfield
  • -Lt. Jennifer Wuertz


Food it Forward

Food it Forward partnered with the 6th graders from Colonial Hills Elementary to assist in a community based, service project.  Students gathered 365 pounds of specific foods from their friends, family and neighbors to benefit the local non-profit, Family Mentor Foundation.  Team members are students worked together to create Buddy Bags, which were filled with child-friendly, nutritious, non-perishable food items to help feed at-risk children during long breaks throughout the school year.  Buddy Bags currently support students at Kilburn Middle School and will be expanded to other schools within the district.  The project culminated with a tour of the Worthington Resource Pantry on May 22, 2015.  Food it Forward members will also follow up with students to discuss their impact on addressing hunger in Worthington.

-This project grew out of the Community Grid Garden and contains many of the same members.



A literacy project based within seven Worthington Elementary schools.  Students advertised and then collected books, which were given to students in need at the end of the 2015 school year.  Emails went out to parents, bins were placed within the schools, posts were made on Facebook and some local churches helped out as well.  Collections occurred for two weeks and on May 22, 2000 books were delivered to over 600 needy K-3rd grade students at Wilson Hill and Slate Hill Elementary Schools.  An additional 1000 donated books will be donated to the two schools as well.  Through community outreach, team members were able to collect monetary donations from classmates, community members, Tilton’s Automotive and Brennan, Manna & Diamond Law Firm in order to purchase the bags which held the books.  1500 pens and pencils were donated by Kroger to also go in the bags.  The team will further discuss how to maintain sustainability of this project.

  • -Craig Bringman
  • -Lucy Grosz
  • -Christine Look
  • -Kristin McCormick
  • -Glenn Moog
  • -Denis Moore
  • -Andrew Saneholtz
  • -Jamie Via


Class of 2014

Project MORE (Mentoring in Ohio for Reading Excellence)

The 2013-14 class worked together to create a marketing plan to recruit new mentors/volunteers and help sustain this program. There will be a time that those who initiated and maintained Project MORE will want to hand off the baton.  Project MORE would like to see am increase of 500 mentors by the 2015-16 school year. The 2013-14 class wants to help make sure the program continues by providing Project MORE with tools and plans for sustainable marketing to mentor/volunteers.

PROJECT MORE is a mentoring program utilizing trained volunteers to work one-on-one with elementary students not eligible for a reading intervention specialist but who need a little help in meeting reading standards. With new state mandated third grade reading guarantee, this program takes on even more significance and helps those that could potentially “fall through the cracks.”

Everyone in the 2014 class is included in the project outcome.

  • Debbie Zimmerman
  • Kay Thress
  • Laura Carpenter
  • Greg Zunkiewicz
  • Megan Sweeney
  • Max Good
  • Beverly P. Maher
  • Molly M. Labadie
  • Gabrielle Rathge
  • Anne Fouss
  • David Johnson
  • Don Mottley
  • Jennifer Ruble


Class of 2013

Walk and Bike To School

To facilitate more students in the Worthington School District to walk or ride their bikes to school.  Partnered with Liberty and Worthington Hills Schools.  To help promote a healthy lifestyle change in families.  May 2 and 3, 2013, and to repeated in May 2014.

  • Darren Kamnitzer
  • Leslie Meyer-Miller
  • Mike Sosh
  • Renee Linn
  • Scott Bartter
  • Susan Kuertz


Connecting WARD (Worthington Alliance for Responsible Development) and C.I.C. (Community Improvement Corporation) groups to work together and join forces so that each group benefits from and leverages the strength of the other toward the economic development of the UMCH–United Methodist Children’s Home–property for the future.

  • Anna Rogers
  • Ashwin Lakhi
  • David Burgett
  • Jimmy Rohrbacher
  • Peter Macrae
  • Steve Harris.

Team 43085

Team 43085 seeks to connect volunteers with rewarding volunteer opportunities in order to champion volunteerism and civic engagement in Worthington.  We will connect volunteers by establishing, promoting and supporting an annual community service day that helps Worthington based non-profits, schools and government agencies  meet their mission and goals.

  • Kathy McClintock
  • Ben Collins
  • Jessi Tisdale
  • Margot Campbell
  • Darcelle Walker

Class of 2012

Recycling Project

The primary goal of the recycling class project was (and is) to increase access to recycling for all Worthington area residents.  We have educated ourselves  on the challenges, realities and processes of recycling–all while working through several channels to make recycling available to residents who would not otherwise have access to it.

  • Andy Herron
  • Adam Bray
  • Debbie Zimmerman
  • Jeff Harris
  • Lauren Kingrey
  • Nesrin Bastoni
  • Melissa Miller
  • Duffy Horan.


Creating an empowering leadership program for other nations to explore “American Leadership” within many organizations from government to businesses.

  • Sherri Benedict
  • Faron Tabor
  • Kim Lordo

The Beacon Forum (formerly: Business Knowledge Creation)

The Beacon Forum was developed by graduates of the Class of 2012 program to serve as a roundtable group of local business leaders to share insights, best practices, ideas and resources with one another.  To empower the transfer of intellectual resources through group dialogue.

  • Jim Janosik
  • Anish Mistry
  • Katie McCartney
  • Duffy Horan

School Funding

Public School Funding in Ohio is a very complex and politicized topic. When School Districts place levies on the ballot for voter approval, the public conversation seems to always revolve around spending.  Some say the teachers are paid too much.  Others say additional funding is needed to support specific programs or projects, or, as costs increase, to simply avoid making cuts to the status quo.  Our project provides information to the public on the method of funding schools in Ohio and why that method creates a system that requires districts to request additional funding from voters every few years.

  • Lindsey Smith
  • Jon Bloom
  • Kim Anderson

Class of 2011

 2 week Global Leadership Immersion Program

To receive up to 16 professional adults from Ghana for 2 weeks in the summer months. They will live with host families and learn from experiencing different models and systems of leadership in the Worthington community. Local guest and speakers will come from leaders in and around the community.

  • Yvonne Breland
  • Carol Freeland
  • Deno Hanna
  • Vicky Hartley
  • Stefan Langer
  • Mark Laughlin
  • Raj Michael
  • Mark Marshall
  • Astrid Olfenbuttel
  • Sharon Purdie
  • Dawn Valasco

Class of 2010

Worthington Historical Society

Assist in their campaign to raise $3000 for a new roof on the Orange Johnson House

  • Carol Borden
  • Lisa Fallara
  • Jenny Fuerst
  • Sven Pawlikowski
  • David Pollner

City of Worthington Firefighters Community Park

Initiate marketing campaign, assist in raising remaining $8,000, and to create a guide book for fundraising, based on overall learning experiences.

  •  Donnie Austin
  • Katie Berry
  • Jaime Burks
  • Jon Cook
  • Tom Hoover
  • Beth Jordan
  • Suzan Singh
  • BC Tilton

Big Green Head–Green on The Green Event–May 22, 2010

Assist in coordinating Green on the Green Event and prepare booklet on the process and organization needed in coordinatuing events to be held on the Village Green. The City of Woprthington will review booklet, and once approved, willprovide to organizations seeking to hold events on The Green.

  • Rob Chandler
  • Sarah Cofer
  • Cassie Jablonski
  • Chris King
  • Emily Weidner


Worthington Entrepreneurial Center

Develop a business model for a cooperative business center thatprovides assistance to start-up businesses in the Worthington area, explore possible locations within Worthington,approach possible investors and share findings with the City.

  •  Marilyn Baker
  • Jeffrey Harrison

Class of 2009

Fido Fest

To be held at Worthington Square Economic development on Oct. 3, 2009

  • Adam Orebaugh
  • Amy Pollner
  • Brian Dwyer
  • Becky Henman
  • Christine Henderson
  • Hirofumi Ishida
  • Joe Davis
  • Ryan Cooper
  • Charlie Wilson

Assist the McConnell Arts Center Grand Opening

  • Ellen Hudson
  • Kristin Shelley
  • Barry Griffith
  • Rachel Rubin
  • Kara Reuter

Communicating the Value of Leadership Programs to the Community

Provide a perspective for non-profit leadership programs: value, sustainability and growth. This project brought Director Mary Jo Hudson, Ohio Dept. of Insurance, to Worthington to speak on this topic.

  • Dennis Weeks
  • Joe Davis
  • Mark Beckenbach

Class of 2008

Senior Teen Connection

Building relationships between teenagers and senior citizens of Worthington through a day of intergenerational activities.

  • Amy Brown
  • Amy Hager
  • Ann Pachacek
  • Ciss Sweeney
  • Daniel Nelson
  • Deborah Lewis
  • Kara Kraft
  • Linda Smith
  • Lynn Nadler
  • Nicholas Comer
  • Pam Sturiano
  • Rebecca Zack
  • Rose Byrd

Branding and Marketing Plan

To help recruit adult students to the Leadership Worthington classes on an on-going basis.

  • Amy Brown
  • Dottie Hursey
  • Jerry Strait
  • Kathy Bindas
  • Anthony Lordo
  • John Butler
  • Carl Mooney
  • Dale Newsome

Class of 2007

The Worthington Exchange: Invest in Your Future

Our vision is to bring the community together to become the catalyst for solutions, sharing, and creativity that addresses challenges in Worthington today and in the future. The mission of the Exchange is to connect, educate, and empower citizens towards creating a stronger community.

  • Barry Bennett
  • Betsy Bass
  • Steve Putka
  • Carl Bosch
  • Rebecca Hermann
  • Rob Schmidt
  • Elizabeth Jewell
  • Doug Trueman
  • Carson Woods
  • Jeff Regensberger
  • Jason Nicodemus
  • Mike Parsons
  • Emily Douglas
  • Janet Ingraham Dwyer
  • Jennifer Alexander
  • Karen Brown
  • Ken Chambers
  • Natalie Moore
  • Scott Highley
  • Jamie Davis
  • Willie Wheat

Class of 2006

Worthington Walks 2006

  • Becki Wyatt
  • Dean Pulliam
  • Makoto Morioka
  • Meredith Southard
  • Monica Baughman
  • Nikki Johnston

95th Anniversary Celebration United Methodist Children’s Home

  • Celia Tincher
  • Leigh Anderson
  • Tim Kirtley
  • Lori Shepherd
  • Katie Tennant

Vision, Value and Development for Worthington

  • Dorian Ray
  • Ed Horn
  • Tom Ellis
  • Holly Hull
  • Andy Tilton
  • Linda Yoakum

Class of 2005

Intergenerational Connections

  • Rachel Alexander
  • Michelle Mendenhall
  • Janna Stanford

Ohio National Guard School Adoption Program

  • Mike Metersky
  • Yvonne Breland
  • Bob Moranville
  • Warren Cox
  • Doug Francis

Worthington Walks 2005

  • Clover Ward
  • Tom Wyatt
  • Wendy Rawson

Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser for United Methodist Children’s Home

  • Debbie Keen-Cooper
  • Scott Obers
  • Kris Evans
  • Diane Wright

Food For Families

  • Kent Shimeall
  • Patt Hardie
  • Lynn Warner
  • Karen Groff
  • Kathie Cesa
  • Dan Arthur

Worthington Family Picnic

  • George Sontag
  • Antonio Benton
  • Jeff Appel
  • Steve Butcher
  • Tony Mormile
  • Darian Parsons

Class of 2004

Members of the Leadership Worthington Class of 2004 directed their efforts toward these community service projects. Project outlines are available in the Worthington Room at the Old Worthington Library, 820 High St.

Healthy Worthington

Healthy Worthington is self-explanatory and has received considerable attention in the community.

  • Suzan Jervey
  • Cheryl Ridgway
  • Vicky Naymik
  • Dan Noble
  • Mike Kramer

Friends of UMCH

Intends to develop a support system for adding resources and volunteers for UMCH

  • Cathy Allen
  • Scott Armour
  • Candee Chambers
  • Corrine Garvey

Services for Seniors

Builiding on a project from prior years, they are developing a comprehensive guide of services of interest and value to senior citizens.

  • Dave Arthur
  • Susan Costakos-Slomka
  • Judy Pinney-Hinkle
  • Mike Wright

Future Possibilities

Mentoring elementary school youth using a pre-existing trade-marked program and developing plans to install it in Worthington schools.

  • Brian Elder
  • Shayne Boyd
  • Juli Harper
  • Tina Rich

Kids Career Exploration

Is working with administrators, faculty and youth at Colonial Hills to enhance youth exposure to the world around them.

  • James Houston
  • Carla Mader
  • Andy Miller
  • Bill Diehl
  • Rich Wetzel

Class of 2003

Special Olympics Basketball Game

An exhibition basketball game to highlight the need, promote and raise money for Special Olympics.

  • Class Members

Worthington Schools Transitions Program

A marketing video for the Worthington Schools Transitions Program serving youth who have physical or developmental challenges and who seek to move from the world of school to the world of employment after graduation.

  • Susan
  • Cham
  • Laura
  • Mark

Managing Money

A board game to teach youth how to manage money most effectively. The board game addresses using checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and other financial tools.

  • Class Members

Class of 2002

Bicentennial Celebration of Music

Provision of historical perspective of music, costumes, and musical celebration for the City of Worthington’s Bicentennial.

Bicentennial Community Quilt

Develop and organize a process for designing and making a Worthington Bicentennial quilt.

Bicentennial Video

Creation of a video on Worthington’ history to show to community groups, businesses and residents to create enthusiasm and support for the Bicentennial.

Worthington Economic Development Initiative I

Promotion of the City of Worthington as a business-friendly climate, with a particular focus on small, high-growth organizations.

Worthington Economic Development Initiative II

Small business survey to determine what factors are used by companies locating in Worthington.


Class of 2001

Leadership Worthington Web Site

Provision of a conceptual framework for a Leadership Worthington web site to be linked to the Worthington community web site. Recommendations will include content, resources, home page image, and functionality to meet the needs of adult and student alumni and the community.

  • Bill Ferguson
  • Ranae Friend
  • Eric Reisch
  • Jim Taylor
  • Greg Viebranz

Kilbourne Middle School Landscaping

Assistance in the design and creation of a safe and inviting entrance to Kilbourne Middle School is being implemented with the Kilbourne Middle School PTSA.

Partners for Citizenship and Character

Identification of 75 strategic and highly visible sites to display the “quality of the month” signs will help increase community awareness and develop community involvement in character education in Worthington.

City of Worthington Bicentennial Lecture Series

Establishment of the organizational framework for a lecture series during City of Worthington 2003 Bicentennial is the goal of this project group. Topics, speakers, sites, targeted audiences and paternerships will be suggested.

A Prototype for Attracting Convention Visitors

This project is a bridge between the Worthington merchants and visitors, using the Johnny Appleseed District Barbershop Convention and Competition as a pilot to explore resources.

Class of 2000


Youth In Philanthropy Encouraging Excellent is directed by graduates of Leadership Tomorrow, who will assess community needs, define criteria, and ultimately, distribute funds to community organizations.

Student Attendance Incentives

Wilson Hill Elementary School student data was reviewed to identify absentee issues. Incentive solutions were implemented.

Consolidated Worthington Arts Brochure

A comprehensive brochure that promotes the variety and diversity of arts available in the community; reinforces the value of the arts to the community; and encourages corporate underwriting and personal patronage.

School Yard Habitat and Wild Site

In collaboration with Wilson Hill Elementary School community a habitat rendering was secured, habitat bids solicited, habitat plan implemented and opening celebration planned.


Class of 1999

Charitable Contribution Brochure

In preparation for the Worthington’s bicentennial, the Worthington Historical Society has needs for additional services. This brochure will present a range of choices for donations and will encourage planned investment in the organization.

Community Citizenship

Partners for Citizenship and Character are working with this project group to setting up a prototype for gathering information to assist small and medium-size businesses to address citizenship and character issues.

Student Enrichment Activity Days (SEAD)

In collaboration with Slate Hill Elementary School, community and parent volunteers will provide cultural exploration, service learning, career exposure and project development for 5th and 6th graders to assist teachers who are conducting student-led parent/teacher conferences.

TAP into the Chamber

In conjunction with the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce the goal is to create a Technology Awareness Program (TAP) and to organize a technology committee. This committee will administer the program including 1) advancing the technological resources of the Chamber office, 2) developing educational programming for Chamber members, and 3) creating a link between members for mentoring and services.

Worthington Chore Corps

In partnership with Griswold Senior Center, a volunteer resource list is being developed to continually provide home maintenance assistance to senior citizens in Worthington.

Youth Celebration Banquet

Joining hands with Leadership Worthington to provide an annual finale event for Leadership Tomorrow teen graduates.


Class of 1998

Welcome to Worthington

  • Orientation to the Community – resource information packet for newcomers to the Worthington area in collaboration with Worthington International Friendship Association
  • Exploring the Community – a self-guided audio tour of historic downtown Worthington with the Worthington Historical Society and the Olde Worthington Business Association
  • Celebrating the Community – 20th anniversary celebration of the Worthington Community Center’s recreation programming in conjunction with the City of Worthington
  • Serving the Community – initiation of the Worthington Service Club Association to coordinate Worthington service club activities


Class of 1997

Learning Disabilities Association Career Connection Camp

The field trip component of a summer camp for learning disabled middle school students to include a brochure, a press release and the visitation schedule with targeted employers. An evaluation will be done with the students.

Partnership for Citizenship and Character Media Kit

Preparation of factual information for a multi-media kit. This information will be used in a variety of ways to bring value-based issues to the attention of the public. A computer-generated presentation or flip chart will be developed demonstrate the information.

United Methodist Children’s Home Volunteer Training Video

Development of a 15-20 minutes informational video to be shown to potential volunteers. The video will include information about the history and population of the three campuses, paid staff responsibilities, resident services, and volunteer opportunities and selection criteria for volunteering

Worthington Bicentennial Celebration

Looking toward the year 2003, a theme, slogan, logo and special projects are being suggested and developed for the Worthington (and Ohio) bicentennial celebration. This is in partnership with and under the direction of the Worthington Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and approved by the City of Worthington City Council.

The Ohio Railway Museum 50th Anniversary Celebration

Prepare a strategic plan to celebrate the museum’s 50th anniversary and increase public interest and attendance and volunteer/staff participation


Class of 1996

Making New Friends

Implementation of a student exchange program between Liberty and Devonshire Elementary Schools. This cultural exchange is designed to allow students to experience the similarities and differences associated with a variety of educational and interpersonal settings.

Grand-Friends Day

Adding to the intergeneration tradition of past Leadership Worthington projects, this activity is the coordination of the first Grand-Friends Day with Care After School (CAS). CAS and this project group will bring seniors into the CAS facility for an afternoon to share a variety of activities and hobbies to promote interaction similar to a neighborhood environment and provide a fun afternoon for the children.

Worthington Web Page

The research, planning, and implementation of a Home Page for Worthington on the Internet will be a collaboration of school, city government, business, Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau, and arts and historical organizations. The page, available on the World Wide Web, will include information about each of these community entities in a “family tree” format which can be expanded in the future.

Cardinal Pride Day

The day of activities and service projects at Thomas Worthington High School is designed to build team spirit and pride, encourage diversity awareness, foster leadership skills, enhance communication between educators and students, and instill a sense of responsibility. Over 350 students, educators and volunteers will participate.

Volunteer Resource and Interest Guide

In an attempt to aid the community in the spirit of voluntary contribution, this project will outline specific and viable options for involvement. The group will produce a booklet advising interested participants on civic, educational, cultural and recreational opportunities. The booklet will be available to the community through an extensive distribution effort.


Class of 1995

Senior Health Fair

Implementation of a Health Fair at the Griswold Senior Center on August 19, 1995, where health information, screenings and educational sessions will be available. Screenings will include vision, glaucoma, cholesterol and others.

Worthington Historical Society Brochure

This brochure will be used by the Historical Society as an information document to encourage visitation to historical properties, participation in local events, orientation to services and the benefits of Society membership

Community Cultural Diversity

Adding to the cultural awareness of the Worthington community through a brochure or video exploring appreciation and reasons for residency in Worthington based on the culturally diverse population.

A Guide to Extended Care Services in Worthington

Recognizing the difficulties families face in making decisions for long-term and extended care for elderly relatives, this guidebook covers current resources in the community.

Business/School Partnership

Many different entities exist for placing students in jobs in the Worthington school district. This project will consolidate information and implement a central clearing house of existing programs for business/school partnerships.


Class of 1994

Promotion of Worthington on the Central Ohio FREENET

By providing information and identification of local specialists for information exchange, FREENET is a free, non-commercial, computer-based system through which information and ideas are exchanged. The service is available 24 hours a day through a computer/modem in the home, office or library.

“Worthington at a Glance” Brochure

This brochure will be used by new residents and visitors to Worthington and will focus on community immediate-need services. The material will include key phone numbers and addresses and a list of projects by location

Leadership for a Lifetime Award

Selection of 5 outstanding Worthington citizens who have made our community a better place to live. These people will be recognized annually at Leadership Worthington’s Service Day.

Guided Tour of the Underground Railroad

Adding to the cultural awareness of the Worthington community through a guided tour of area Underground Railroad sites in cooperation with the Worthington Community Relations Commission


Class of 1993

Community Resource Center

A permanent display/resource area at the Public Library will make information readily accessible concerning the Worthington area community

Health Information Fair

Implementation of a Health Fair held at Worthington Square Mall where Worthington area physicians provided screening for vision, glaucoma, cholesterol and information and testing concerning lung fitness, podiatry and health risk appraisal

Service Day

Teams of workers including students who will solicit their friends and family to pledge money to work on home projects of community residents who need help. Businesses will be asked to match the funds earned. Project will be done annually during National Volunteer Week.

Youth in Government

Designed to involve high school students first-hand in local government while helping them understand the structure, issues and roles of community leaders. The shadowing/mentoring, research and a day when students assume the roles of our local leaders to deal with

Career Internship Partnership

In collaboration with the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce, the Worthington Public Schools, and the business community, this program has reinstated an internship program for high school students to explore career options and have a variety of real life career experiences before graduation


Class of 1992

Worthington Today

A promotional video

International Worthington

Development of a directory of people, places, and organizations for Worthington residents from other countries

Community Resource Directory/Speakers Bureau

Establishment of a forum to serve as a showcase and clearing house for past, present, and future projects of Leadership Worthington, and provide programs for requesting groups

UFOs: Understanding Finances of Schools

Communication of the school budget to the public

Intergenerational Program

Completion of last year’s project to integrate senior citizens into the Worthington Schools

Intergenerational Reader’s Theater

Connection and integration of senior citizens and middle school students’ experience to be written and read in a theater forum


Class of 1991

Examination of Worthington’s Architectural Review Board

A look at the ARB and its importance to the identity of Worthington

Youth Volunteer Program

To promote the spirit of volunteering to Worthington youth and to enlighten them to the rewards and opportunities that volunteering offers

Volunteer Opportunities in the Worthington School District

To share a listing of volunteer opportunities in the Worthington School District

A Look at the Underground Railroad system in Worthington Yesterday and An Overview of African Americans in Worthington Today

To demonstrate the importance which Worthington settlers played in the Underground Railroad and to examine the impact that the railroad had on African American history

Video History of the Charter Class of Leadership Worthington

A recap and review of some of the people, events and learnings of the charter year

An Alternative Dispute Resolution System

A plan to help reduce the strain that is being placed upon a judicial system that is not equipped to handle the large number of small claims cases that it is asked to handle

Intergenerational Pre-school Program

A plan for intergenerational programming for pre-schoolers, which would include handicapped children, and for an intergenerational day care program

A comparison of Two Worthingtons: Worthington, 1980 and Worthington, 1990

A statistical study of two different “communities” i.e. the City of Worthington and the Worthington School District at two different points in time, 1980 and 1990