Spelling Bee


The 2018 Spelling BEE is coming!

2018 Spelling BEE
April 12th, 2018
Youth BEE 5pm
Adult BEE 7pm
Worthington Kilbourne High School
Join us for our 25th Community BEE.  We look forward to seeing our friends from past teams as well as new teams as we have some good old fashioned fun!  If you don’t want to participate on a team, just come on out and support your favorite spellers in person or with a sponsorship.
Here are the registration / sponsorship forms for both the youth & adult bee.

2018 Adult Registration Form

2018 Youth Registration Form

The 24th Community BEE Rankings

1st   OCLC

Team Member (L to R): Thom Seelbach, Larry Evans & John Chapman

2nd    Worthington Optimal Wellness

3rd    WKHS I-BEE & the Stingers

4th   Friends of the Worthington Library

5th   Congregation Beth Tikvah

6th   Worthington Noon Lions Club

7th   TWHS To BEE or Not To BEE

8th   TWHS Better Than Autocorrect

9th   Worthington-Linworth Kiwanis Club

10th St. John’s Episcopal Church

11th Gary Smith Race & Charities

12th OSU College of Optometry


The 9th Annual Youth BEE rankings

1st   Evening Street ES – Team Terrific Trifecta

2nd   OCCS Middle Team

3rd   Evening Street ES – Eagle Word Wrights

4th   Wilson Hill ES – Team 2

5th   Colonial Hills ES – Oobleck

6th   OCCS Elementary Team

7th   Colonial Hills ES – JELE (pronounced Jelly)

8th   Brookside ES – Goode Spellrz

9th   Wilson Hill ES – Team 1

10th Worthington Estates ES – Spelling Pro

The 23rd Community BEE Rankings

1st St. John’s Episcopal Church
2nd Congregation Beth Tikvah
3rd Worthington Linworth Kiwanis Club
4th Gary Smith Race & Charities
5th OCLC
6th Worthington Noon Lions Club
7th Miss Spellings – Worthington Kilbourne High School
8th Worthington Resource Pantry
9th AP Lang Gang – Worthington Kilbourne High School
10th Dictionary Divas – Thomas Worthington High School
11th Dewey Decimators – Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries

The 8th Annual Youth BEE rankings

1st Worthington Warriors – Colonial Hills Elementary
2nd Phoenix Middle School Team
3rd Evening St. Team #1
4th Pretzel Unicorns – Granby Elementary
5th Evening St. Team #2
6th Gregarious Gators – Granby Elementary
7th The Great Spellers – Worthington Estates Elementary
8th OCCS Team #3 – Ohio Contemporary Chinese School
9th Starships – Worthington Estates Elementary
10th Wilson Hill #1
11th The BEE Team – Worthington Estates Elementary
12th OCCS Team #1 – Ohio Contemporary Chinese School
13th Fizzing Whizbees – Colonial Hills Elementary
14th Wilson Hill #2
15th The Cool Kids – Worthington Estates Elementary
16th The Spelling Squad – Worthington Estates Elementary
17th OCCS Team #2 – Ohio Contemporary Chinese School

2015 Results

The 22nd Community BEE results on Tuesday March 24th, 2015 at WKHS Auditorium.

22 Youth Teams had friendly competition again this year. New teams registered, and repeat teams from school district and city teams joined the 66 students on stage for the 7th year with the Youth.

1st: OCCS Middle School #2

2nd: OCCS Middle School #1

3rd: Worthingway MS

4th: Brookside BLUE Team

5th: Granby Gegarious Gators

6th: Worthington Hills Hawks

7th: Granby Teenage Mutant Ninja Gators

8th: Worthington Estates OWLS #2

9th: OCCS Elem. #1

10th: Colonial Hills Queenbees

11th: Colonial Hills Whizbees

12th: OCCS Elem. #2

13th: Evening Street Fabullous 5th Grade Spellers

14th: Worthington Park Sharks #2

15th: Worthington Parks Sharks #1

16th: Phoenix Middle School

17th: Evening Street Eagles

18th: St. John’s Church Kids

19th: Wilson Hill Stinging Bees

20th: Wilson Hill Hubbubs

21st: Worthington Estates Owls #1

22nd: Brookside WHITE Team

The Community BEE celebrated their 22nd year with teams consisting of community organizations, businesses, school staff personnel and past alumni of Leadership Worthington’s Adult Leadership Program.

1st: St. John’s Episcopal Church Team #2

2nd: Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce

3rd: St. Johns Episcopal Church Team #1

4th: Congregation Beth Tikvah

5th: LW Class of 2012 (22nd Class)

6th: Worthington Noon Lions Club

7th: Worthington Linworth Kiwanis Students (last youth team standing)

8th: LW Class of 2008 (18th class)

9th: Worthington Schools Food Service

10th: Worthington Resource Pantry

11th: Gary Smith Worthington Classic

12th: WKHS STAFF Team

13th: Team L-O-R-D-O

14th: PCC Partners for Community and Character

15th: Dublin-Worthington Rotary

16th: TWHS Dictionary Divas

17th: MAC Family Stingers

18th: OSU College of Optometry

19th: Wesley Glen

20th: Worthington Hills Women’s Club

21st: LW Class of 2015 (25th Class)

22nd: Worthington Optimal Wellness-WOW

23rd: The Bee’s Knees and a Farmer

24th: OCLC

25th: Friends of the Worthington Library

Past Results:

2013 Results of the Community BEE


2nd-OSU College of Optometry

3rd-Worthington Chamber of Commerce–Affiliated Groups

4th- LW Class of 2012

5th-Ohio Contemporary Chinese School (OCCS)

6th-Worthington Board of Education

7th-WKHS School Staff

8th–Worthington Food Service

9th-Monkworks–Gift Gallery

10th-Linworth Alternative School

11th-The MAC Family Stingers (Stingers…not singers)

12th-Congregation Beth Tikvah

13th-Gary Smith Classic

14th- Partners for Community and Character (PCC)

15th-The Dictionary Divas (TWHS)

16th-Healthy Worthington Resource Center and Food Pantry

17th-St. John’s Episcopal Church

18th-WorthingtonChristian High Schhol

19th-Team A-W-E-S-O-M-E–TWHS

20th-LW Class of 2008

21st-Worthington Noon Lions Club

22nd–LW Class of 2013

23rd-The Cardinals–TWHS

24th-Worthington Kilbourne Pribncesses

25th-Friends Foundation–Worthington Libraries

2013 Results of the Youth BEE

TIE–McCord Middle School Marvels and Phoenix Middle School Fliers

3-OCCS Middle School Team #2

4-Worthinway Middle School Team #1

5-Brookside Elementary School

6-Bluffsview Bears

7-Worthingway Middle School Team #2

8-OCCS Elementary Team #2

9-Wilson Hill Tigers

10-OCCS Middle School Team #1

11-Brookside Team #1

12-ColonialHills Anonymous

13-Evening Street Eagles

14-OCCS Elementary Team #1

15-Phoenix Middle School Word Ninjas

16-Worthington Park Team #1

17-McCord-One Dictionettes

18-Colonial Hills–The Stingers

19-McCord Middle School-Lindas Lobas

20-Granby Genius Gators

21-Worthington Park Team #2

22-Worthington Hills Hawkeyes

2012 Results of the Community BEE


2nd-OSU College of Optometry

3rd-Linworth Alternative School (last youth team standing)

4th Worthington Food Services

5th- Worthington Noon Lions Club

6th-Otterbein University Graduate School

7th-St. John’s Episcopal Church

8th-TWHS Alfabet Masters

9th-Partners for Citizenship and Character

10th-Congregation Beth Tikvah

11th-Gary Smith Classic

12th-MyTeam Triumph–Heart of Ohio

13th-WKHS School Team-Supersonic

14th-TWHS Student Team #2

15th-Dublin-Worthington Rotary Club Team

16th-LW Class of 2012

17th-LW Class of 2008

18th-Worthington City Administration

19th-Worthington School Board

20th-BNI Cap City

21st- Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce-Affiliated Groups

22nd-Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries

23rd-TWHS Administration Team

24th-Worthington Kilbourne High Schiool Staff